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What Is and Who Is Behind It?
To grow or develop vigorously, flourish or to prosper; be fortunate or successful
The general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor; freedom from disease or ailment
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The fact is...When you put those two words together your life is Better. Thriving Health is the way You're meant to Experience Life.
The harsh reality of the world that we live in is that most people live the majority of their lives in a state of Poor Health. 

That's no secret.

What does seem to be a secret is WHY?

Why do so many people struggle to create health at all, much less the Thriving Health that they deserve?
After over 13 years of exploring this question with thousands of people I think the answer is clear...

The reason why so many people struggle to create health is that as a culture we are so far removed from what health actually is that most people are attempting to hit a moving target that doesn't even really exist. 

It's clear that there is so much misinformation around the subject of health that people have lost touch with what health really is and how it is created.

Instead of being presently focused on health as the main objective people get all mixed up and confused about how fitness, nutrition, hydration, supplementation, mindset, emotions, medicine and any number of other components of the complete health picture fit together.

It's clear that just because you may be doing well in some of those areas, none of those individual components of health equates to the actual experience of complete Thriving Health. 

For instance, over the course of my career I have met thousands of people who are very "fit", some of whom you've seen gracing the covers of magazines or in television commercials, who are some of the least healthy people I know. 

Fitness does not equal health.

The same goes for any of the other areas that you look to as well.

For this reason it becomes incredibly difficult to know who to trust when it comes to getting good advice with regard to health because everyone has their own opinion about what is best and most of those opinions are in a singular area of expertise in one of those silos of the greater health picture.

In most cases, the experts in the health arena do legitimately think that what they are presenting is what's best because it has worked well for them and some of their customers or clients, but as I'm sure you've found out for yourself already...

Just because something works well for someone else doesn't mean that it will work for you at all.

At the end of the day if what you are attempting to do to improve your health involves you seeking out some sort of content expert to simply tell you what to do or instruct you on what's best for you then that's going about things backwards.
The answer to creating Thriving Health in your life doesn't require looking outside of yourself at all.

The challenge with this is that because of our busy lifestyles and the very prevalent "more, More, MORE!" attitude toward life, most of us are so out of touch with our bodies that we have very little awareness about how they are impacted by how we are treating them.

The solution to this challenge lies in getting to know yourself at a deeper level and slowing things down so that you can be open to and fully experience the feedback that you receive as you progress through your journey toward health.

I sincerely believe that Thriving Health is your natural way of being and what we are truly looking to do is to give you a frame of reference for what that looks, sounds and feels like for you.

To do that it can be incredibly beneficial to let go of the thought that there is one specific program or system out there that will work for you and instead be willing to create your very own system for creating Thriving Health.

The way to develop the results and the long term, permanent Thriving Health that will exponentially increase the level of joy that you experience in your life is to begin to learn to TRUST yourself and bring a greater level of awareness to what your body is telling you.
To help you do exactly that I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and my entire professional life to mastering how you can get to the level of awareness that will allow you to create the Thriving Health that you deserve.

After all of that, I know that it is imperative that you learn who you are at a deeper level and begin to leverage that to your advantage. 

It is very likely that for most of your life you've been doing things the way that you think they are "supposed to" or "should" be done. Most of those ideas have come from the well meaning people around you in your life who have asserted their beliefs and ideals on you from before you could even really think for yourself.

Unfortunately, you are different than every single one of the people who have shared their beliefs with you. You are unique and instead of consistently fighting against your uniqueness, isn't it time you started utilizing it to your benefit?

Now is the time to identify who you are underneath all of those other people's beliefs and ideas and create the Thriving Health that only YOU are capable of creating. 
The news that may be tough to hear at first is that...

No one can GIVE you Thriving Health. 

The news that is INCREDIBLY EXCITING...

You can absolutely CREATE Thriving Health.

Are you willing to Create Thriving Health for yourself NOW?

If so, you've discovered the only place in the world that will take all of you into account to give you the power to create your own customized path to Thriving Health.

That's the entire reason that I've invested so much time, energy and resources into the creation of the MyThrivingHealth Assessment...

So that you can create Thriving Health for yourself.
Who's Behind MyThrivingHealth?
My name is Brandon Campbell and I am a father, husband, athlete, creator, master coach, health and neuroscience expert and founder of
Over the past 13 years I have personally coached hundreds of people and reached thousands more through my online presence and media appearances. During that time I have developed a program that has tremendous power to create seemingly "miraculous" transformation for people in EVERY Area of Their Lives.
My background is as a strength and conditioning coach and health and fitness expert. I've helped hundreds of people overcome numerous challenges to create Thriving Health. 

I've worked with people who have cured themselves of debilitating chronic pain, others who have completely and permanently transformed their bodies, and many others who now enjoy more energy and vitality than ever before. 
In the last 5 years I have shifted my focus to helping people to further optimize their performance in life through the power of the brain utilizing Neuroscience, NLP, NHR and Emotional Mastery.

At this point in my evolution as a Coach I primarily work with people who have created a great deal of outward success in their lives, but recognize that they have created and continue to maintain that success at the expense of some of the other areas of their lives like Health, Relationships, Family Life, and Purpose or Spirituality.

One of the most profound things I have learned is that most people have a very limited understanding of what is actually going on in their brains and how it is impacting every area of their life, particularly their health. A lot of people know this inherently to some degree, but they don't understand how to effectively leverage it.

That's where I come in...I work with you to quickly identify and powerfully overcome any challenges that you are facing due to the Unconscious Patterns that are running in your brain so that you can create your own Powerful, Unique and Individual version of Success and Start Creating Thriving Health Now.

Here's To Your Thriving Health!

With Love and In Service,

Brandon Campbell - Your Thriving Coach
Why Choose MyThrivingHealth?
Unlock the Power of Your Brain
Your brain is your greatest asset and yet right now chances are very high that it's currently sabotaging your efforts to create health. Stop fighting against your patterns and start leveraging them.
Increase Your Efficiency
Adding more and more "stuff" to a busy life is a recipe for overwhelm and perpetual frustration. Instead we work to simplify things and only utilize the most efficient changes.
Enjoy The Process
The process of creating health is not meant to be a struggle. Health and well being is your natural state of being and you can and will enjoy the process of returning to that state.
Get More Results in Less Time
When you do things that are right for YOU results are created significantly faster and with far less time and effort than you have been told is necessary.
Create Endless Energy
You have unique needs when it comes to sleep, nutrition, activity and recovery. By creating a completely customized approach, energy will never be a concern for you again.
Make It Permanent
The magic of all of this happens in your personal Transformation. Everything that we work on is to create healthy habits that are enjoyable and easy for you to sustain for the rest of your life.
Get Started Right Away. Take the MyThrivingHealth Assessment Now
Enjoy Thriving Health Now
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