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Effortless Change? It's Already Happening All Around You...
Written by Brandon Campbell
Do you find yourself putting in more and more effort to attempt to create results in your life only to find that it feels like you're pushing the results that you desperately want further away?
One of the primary keys to creating long term Thriving Health is being willing to create a program that works for you with as little time, effort, and force as possible. 

The more you try to force yourself to do things that you don't want to do or even that you hate, the more likely you are to fail to sustain any results that you do create in the long term.
If what you're after is a permanent result that is sustainable and that you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you can easily keep for as long as you choose to the answer lies in creating a program that is completely customized to you.

The only way for this type of program to be created is to take all of you into account. 

Sure, the right exercise selection and workouts to account for your current level of athleticism or your capabilities with regard to movement is an important part of this.

Far more important than that is WHO YOU ARE.

Do you know how you process and experience Change in your life?

One thing is absolutely certain...if you are unhappy with your health right now then it is necessary for you to change some of what you are currently doing to create different results. 

The reality is that the behaviors and the habits that you have developed over the course of your life, up to this point, have led to the health that you are currently experiencing. 

Those habits and behaviors are a perfect system for creating the results that you currently have. You are creating results with your current activities...currently they are just not the results that you want to experience.

Case in point, for you to create a different result that is more enjoyable for you, it is imperative that you change some of your behaviors and habits. So if you are unsure how you process and experience Change in your life then it may be (and it may have already have been for a long time) very difficult for you to create the changes necessary to experience different results.

What if you knew exactly how you can change easily and even enjoy the process of creating Changes in your life because you know who you are with regard to Change?

Do you think that would be beneficial for you?
Find Out How You Process & Experience Change Now
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Think about it like of my previous Clients didn't understand or appreciate the way that he processes and experiences change in his life. No one had ever even made him aware that he may experience change in a way that is slightly different than the other people around him so he had continually struggled to create the results that he was after.

He kept trying to create a routine for himself that would provide the results that he was looking for and that he could stick to and as soon as he would develop something that was getting pretty good results he would "fall off of the wagon" again and something would break his routine.

He kept attempting to use more and more willpower to force himself to do what he had set out to do, but every time he ended up feeling defeated and then his tendency was to blame himself for not sticking to the routine.

This pattern was not something new for him and he had actually been through the painful process of creating some great results only to lose them time and time again when he would break his routine again.

All along the way, feeling worse and worse about himself and his ability to "stick to" anything in his life. His overall confidence and belief in himself had taken a significant hit at this point.

Then we started working with one another and we quickly identified that he processes and experiences change in a unique way. Because of who he is, attempting to follow a routine indefinitely was one of the most difficult and painstaking things he could ever do in his life.

When he took a look at the way that he did everything else it was clear to him that it wasn't just in the area of his health that he struggled with routines, it was everywhere. The way he had made changes in his career over the years, changes in his relationships, changes in his interests, changes in his tastes in food and clothes, and even his seeming inability to decide what was going to make him happy in his life.

Once armed with this important piece of information that led to a greater understanding of who he was and enabling us to establish a more effective strategy for him he started to create incredible results.

Beyond that, because of the adjustments that he made to the way he created his routine and built in the variety that was necessary for it to be sustainable and enjoyable for him he never looked back. He now enjoys the results that he had always wanted and knows that he can happily continue to create them for the rest of his life.

You may be similar to the client in this story and may have even experienced some of the same struggles and frustrations that he had.

Wouldn't it be nice to create a program that you knew was built for who you are rather than who someone told you you're "supposed to be"? 
On the other hand, you may love a good routine and know that once you get into the habit of something you can keep at it forever. The problem that you have likely faced is one that is all too common in the world.
The thing that likely frustrates you to no end is the dreaded "plateau" that you experience every few months or that you can't seem to break past at this point in your journey.

Unlike the Client in the previous story what leads to challenges for you is the fact that you are so willing and even enjoy sticking to a routine so much that you put yourself in a position where doing things differently can become painful.

What you probably want most is a program that you know you can do forever that will continue to deliver the results that it does in the short term.

What would it be like for you if you knew that you could keep your routine and instead of feeling the need to change everything up you could simply make subtle shifts to what you're doing so that you never again hit a plateau and can get and then keep the results you are creating for the rest of your life?

That reality is only about 9 minutes away...Take The Assessment Now.

The exciting thing with all of this is that identifying and understanding the way in which you process and experience Change in your life is only one small component of what is included in your MyThrivingHealth Assessment.
Isn't It Time You Make A Change That You Know Will Work For You?
All Your Information is Confidential & Protected
About My Thriving Health
We are here to help you understand that you deserve and are completely capable of Creating Thriving Health in your life Now.

The reasons that you've failed to create the health results that you want most are not because there is anything wrong with you. 

It's not your fault that you've struggled in the past and now you can learn exactly what you can do differently moving forward to create results faster in a way that will even be enjoyable.

Learn exactly how YOU can Create Permanent Thriving Health Now.

About Author: 
Brandon Campbell

Father, Husband, Athlete, Creator, Master Coach, Health & Neuroscience Expert
Enjoy Thriving Health Now
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