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The Truth About Motivation & What It Means To Your Health
Written by Brandon Campbell
What If Your Current Attempts At Motivation Are Failing You?
Motivation is one of the most misunderstood parts of personal growth and development, but it can be particularly insidious with regard to your health.

It is very likely that you've heard before that people are motivated in one of two primary ways...

We are either "Move Toward" or "Move Away From" with the move toward typically orienting us toward things that will bring us more pleasure and the move away from orienting us away from things that will bring us pain in some way.

While there is some validity to this concept overall it really misses the mark with actually creating a meaningful and lasting change in your life.

This type of motivation is incredibly prevalent and you'll notice it in the, largely ineffective, carrots and sticks that have been the norm in our culture for decades. You see it in schools, workplaces and even in relationships as an attempt to motivate others.

Occasionally it does work temporarily, but even then it usually ends up feeling pretty forced.

When it comes to extrinsic motivation, the motivation that is external to us, you can do a lot better than just carrots and sticks. 

One of my mentors once told me "The only reason you need motivation is to do something that you don't want to do." 

What I believe he was referring to with that statement is the way we traditionally view motivation as being something that is external to us in the carrots and sticks model of motivation that is wildly variable in the results that it creates for most people.

If you fall in love with what you are doing or you really want to do it, then external motivation isn't necessary. You do it because you want to do it. In my opinion, if each of us pursued those things in our lives there would be a lot more joy and success in the world.

Not success in the traditional sense of only focusing on the achievement of some predetermined finish line, but the success that comes from within where you know you are pursuing something that challenges you and provides the space for you to consistently grow.

So how can we do that? Is there a way to strategically go about creating this type of love for the things that can ultimately lead to the health that is so important to each and every one of us?


We'll get back to that in a moment... 
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For just a moment lets explore what isn't talked about much with regard to that whole idea of extrinsic or external motivation.

Why does it work sometimes for some people and not really at all for others?

It turns out that there is a little more to the equation than the simplicity of the Move Toward and Move Away From construct that we see and are told about.

This model of motivation is based primarily in Achievement, as in we are Moving Toward the actual achievement of some sort of success or goal or we are Moving Away From what most people would refer to as failure. 

You either get the promotion at work or you fail to get it. 

You either successfully stay in a meaningful relationship or you get divorced or break up and the relationship fails.

You either hit your income goal or you fail to hit it.

Can you see how each of these is very focused on the outcome or goal and the achievement of it or the failure to achieve what we had intended?

For some people this type of motivation just fits. They feel great about it and it just works.

Occasionally, even for people who this type of motivation can work well for get screwed up because of popular thought or the cultural norms.

Some people are naturally much more motivated by Move Away From sticks/failures/losses than they are by any Move Toward carrots/incentives/wins.

In this instance what seems to happen a lot is people attempt to fight against who they are and do what they think they're "supposed to" or "should" because they've been barraged with ideas of positive thinking and Move Toward motivation over and over again.

So instead of embracing what naturally motivates them in a powerful way they try to change who they are to fit into the mold of what popular culture tells them they "should" be.

How do you think that works out for them?

How has it worked out for you? many of those types of images do you think you've seen in your life?

If you're naturally a Move Away From motivated person then those types of images have been attempting to reprogram something that could have and probably did work very well for you at some points in your past.

To take it a step further, this model of traditional motivation completely disregards a HUGE portion of the population because it leaves out a couple other key motivators.

As you continue to read, think about what has been the most motivational for you in the past and begin to recognize just how powerful this distinction can be for you.

Now you know that the Achievement based model of motivation is the most well known and widely accepted and we also know that some people attempt to do what they think they should instead of embracing who they are with regard to it.

There are actually two other primary models of motivation that work far better for a large group of people than the Achievement model ever could.

One of them has to do primarily with the way other people view us and how important it is for us to be accepted by our group of peers, our friends or our family. In this instance, people Move Toward stronger relationships and people liking them more and Move Away From being shunned or damaging relationships by having people like or accept them less.

The other has to do with the way in which we perceive our place in the world and how much power or control we possess over others or they possess over us. You'll definitely have met or at least seen some people in your life who Move Toward more and more power and control over others. On the other side of the spectrum you've likely met some people from another group who Move Away From being controlled by others or feeling controlled at all.

So what does all of this mean to you?
You recognize and acknowledge that you are UNIQUE.

Perhaps the most effective way to motivate yourself may be unique as well.

Attempting to self identify your particular version of motivation can be difficult, if not impossible, because of the tendencies that we have to think about what we "should" be or what we are "supposed to" be based upon all of the thoughts/beliefs/ideas we are constantly barraged with.

It can be very useful, even incredibly valuable, to know how you can utilize both Internal/Intrinsic and External/Extrinsic motivation effectively for yourself.

Do you think you could create better, more sustainable results if you knew exactly how to powerfully motivate yourself to do anything that you want to?
One of the primary keys to creating long term Thriving Health is being willing to create a program that works for you with as little time, effort, and force as possible.

The more you try to force yourself to do things that you don't want to do or even that you hate, the more likely you are to fail to sustain any results that you do create in the long term.
If what you're after is a permanent result that is sustainable and that you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you can easily keep for as long as you choose to the answer lies in creating a program that is completely customized to you.

The only way for this type of program to be created is to take all of you into account.

Sure, the right exercise selection and workouts to account for your current level of athleticism or your capabilities with regard to movement is an important part of this.

Far more important than that is WHO YOU ARE.

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Brandon Campbell

Father, Husband, Athlete, Creator, Master Coach, Health & Neuroscience Expert
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