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Nutrition That Works. 
Written by Brandon Campbell
The way that you eat definitely makes a difference to your overall health, but how important is it really?
Nutrition is hands down one of the most misunderstood elements of the overall health picture and because of that it is definitely one of the most frustrating things for most people.

If you've ever attempted to go on a diet or significantly change the way that you eat then you've probably discovered firsthand that there is A TON of variability when it comes to what works and what doesn't.

The reality is that what may work well for you may be completely different than what has worked for some of your friends or even family members, much less what has worked for the trainer or nutritionist that you've previously worked with.

Anytime you see or hear about someone who makes a fervent stand that their nutrition plan, diet or way of eating is the best and will yield tremendous results for anyone and everyone then please do yourself a favor and stop, turn around and run in the other direction.

Your body is truly incredible and to the degree that it is incredible it is also unique. 

The way in which you process and digest food, the bacterial flora that you have in your digestive tract, the percentages of macro-nutrients you require, whether your body currently runs primarily off of carbohydrate or fat metabolism, the efficiency of your body's overall digestion and utilization of nutrients, your hormone levels, and your psychological views and beliefs about food all impact the way in which your body will respond to any nutrition program.

So thinking that there is a one size fits all solution to nutrition is like attempting to say that everyone on Earth is exactly the same. You know for a fact that you are different than anyone else on Earth so why would you settle for anything less than a completely customized nutrition program?

The ONLY Nutrition Program That Works is Nutrition That Works For YOU.

Anything else is really irrelevant and doesn't have a place when it comes to the Creation of Thriving Health.

It's important to go into a little more detail on what I mean by Nutrition That Works For You.

We're not just talking about Nutrition that supports whatever your current health or fitness goals may currently be. Of course it is important to recognize what you'd like to change so that it can be tracked, but changing everything about the way that you eat to simply achieve a specific weight loss, body composition or body transformation result/goal is missing the boat.

In fact, that's precisely why so many people struggle to sustain any results that they do create. 

You've seen it many times and you may have even experienced it yourself...changes begin to occur and you get excited about how you're looking or feeling different and then you get tired of making sacrifices and you lose the results that you worked so hard to create.

The perpetual Yo-Yo Cycle of Health.

Not only does it lead to all kinds of frustration and terrible feelings towards oneself and the lack of ability to stick to also has terrible implications for your overall health.

Nutrition that works for you is something that leads to the results that you're after, but in a different way than you may have approached it up to this point.

Instead of making nutritional changes be about the goal...what if you made the changes about caring for and loving yourself and recognized that the achievement of the goal or the results is actually just a side effect of doing that?

A slight shift in perspective that can immediately begin to give us a lot greater understanding of what is actually going to work for you...permanently.

So when we dive deeper into how Nutrition Can Work For You it's important that we consider the two primary components of how what you eat affects your body and your overall health.

1) Physiological: this deals specifically with the physical and chemical processes that take place for you when you eat something.

2) Psychological: this has more to do with the thoughts, ideas and beliefs you have about yourself and the foods that you eat.

Physiologically, you eat for a very simple provide your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients to create and sustain energy.

Psychologically, there's a lot more going on than you may realize because whether you like it or not, you have been given or have developed beliefs about both yourself and food. 

Even beyond that, you've made meaning about what certain foods mean to you and probably without you knowing it some of them have even become triggers for the release of pleasure hormones.

So these seemingly separate components are actually very interrelated and cannot be fully separated if you're concerned with creating Nutrition That Works.
To clarify this further think about this very simple example...

At some point in your life, you were a baby who relied entirely on someone other than yourself to provide you with food, shelter and comfort.

During that period of time it was very likely that you were unable to effectively communicate to your caregiver(s) what it was that you needed.

So like most babies, when you needed something you cried to communicate that you needed something.

It may have been that you were hungry, that you had a dirty diaper, that you were uncomfortable, that you were stressed, or any number of other potential needs that you may have had that you attempted to communicate with your cries.

With the best of intentions your caregiver(s) probably then attempted to provide you with something that would stop your cries. One thing that they were likely to find out through these attempts was that it consistently seems to provide some comfort to you when you were given either a breast or a bottle. It may not always have been the answer, but it was likely something that was attempted almost every single time you were upset.

So what does all of this have to do with Nutrition That Works For You Now?
What was in the bottle or the breast? Either breast milk or formula...both of which are very sweet/sugary and very rich/fatty.

So physiologically this provided you with something that provided nutrition while simultaneously calming you down and generally improving the way that you felt.

More important to our conversation, psychologically it ingrained a belief that when you are upset or uncomfortable that if you eat something sweet/sugary or rich/fatty then you'll feel better.

So because of the repetition of this when you were a baby, far before you could ever even speak, much less decide what you wanted your nutrition habits to be as an adult, an unconscious habit or pattern developed that you likely still have today.

Do you ever notice that when you're upset, are feeling stressed, or are in a heightened emotional state that you tend to gravitate toward a food that is sweet/sugar or rich/fatty?

It may even be one of the things that you've even attempted to cut out and stop eating many times throughout your life when you were following someone else's nutrition or diet plan.
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This is just one example of how much is really going on under the surface when we are talking about something as seemingly simple as changing the way you eat.

The really challenging part is how these things end up leading to the development of other habits and patterns. For instance, a lot of people who have this pattern of eating something sweet or rich when they are stressed do indulge it and because of the general and pervasive ideas that these foods are "bad" it can quickly lead to nearly immediate feelings of guilt or shame.

So the attempt at firing off the pattern to release the feel good hormones that would have helped to overcome the stress is hijacked by the release of even more stress hormones that ensue because of the guilt. 

The scary part about this is that it can quickly become a vicious cycle that begins to lead to shaming behavior.

This shaming behavior can then lead into severe self esteem issues and an overall feeling of apathy or hopelessness. 

All because of a simple misunderstanding.

This is exactly the reason why creating Nutrition That Works is an individualized and customized pursuit.

If all you're doing is attempting to find the right diet or the right person to follow then you're going to continue to struggle to create the sustainable health that you want most.

One of the primary keys to creating long term Thriving Health is being willing to create a program that works for you with as little time, effort, and force as possible.
The more you try to force yourself to do things that you don't want to do or even that you hate, the more likely you are to fail to sustain any results that you do create in the long term.
If what you're after is a permanent result that is sustainable and that you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you can easily keep for as long as you choose to the answer lies in creating a program that is completely customized to you.

The only way for this type of program to be created is to take all of you into account.

Sure, the right balance of macro-nutrients and a sustainable way of eating that consistently works for you as a part of your schedule/life is an important part of this.

Far more important than that is WHO YOU ARE.

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About Author: 
Brandon Campbell

Father, Husband, Athlete, Creator, Master Coach, Health & Neuroscience Expert
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