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If You Are Absolutely Committed To Creating Thriving Health 
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MyThrivingHealth Coaching Relationships Are EXTREMELY LIMITED 
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Each and every one of my Coaching Relationships is Powerful, Unique and Individual because each and every one of my Clients is a Powerful, Unique Individual.
I am going to be very straightforward with you...A Coaching Relationship is a sacred thing to me that I value highly and pore myself into fully and completely so if you're thinking about potentially working with me then please read this page completely.

My Coaching is not for people who are interested or curious about creating remarkable's for people who are fully committed to creating the health that most people only ever dream about.

The only reason for you to be on this page right now is to make a simple decision...A decision on whether you'd like to enter into a Coaching Relationship with me now or not.

The only answers that matter are an "EXCITED YES!!! I want to Engage in a Coaching Relationship with you right away!" or a simple "No this isn't for me at this time."

As you can see...I mean it when I say that my Coaching is definitely not for everyone. I recognize that and I have designed this page to make it very clear to you what is involved in my Coaching so that you can come to a clear and simple decision.

This page is not here to provide you with an opportunity to simply consume more information so if that's what you've come here to do then, frankly, you are in the wrong place.

I'm here to serve you and I do that in the best way I know Creating a Powerful, Unique and Individual Coaching Relationship.

Below you will find a Key Definition to help you clarify precisely what I am referring to when I use the words Coaching Relationship and the Primary Distinction that I utilize to Create Powerful, Unique and Individual Coaching Relationship with each of my Clients.

Read through the key definition and primary distinction below and it is likely that you'll quickly identify if entering into a Coaching Relationship with me is something that Excites You or Terrifies You.

I'm happy with either one because my intent is to clarify for you exactly what it means to work with me and I know that a critical part of that is to help you become open to feel something because those feelings that you experience can aide in your ability to make a decision that is right for you in this moment.

Here's To Your Thriving Health!

With Love and In Service,

Brandon Campbell - Your Thriving Coach
Key Definition
Coach: A person whose sole focus is in serving another person by supporting them in the creation of the life that they, the Client, are most committed to living.
A Coach holds the Client to a higher standard in their life than anyone else around them because as a Coach they have an inherent belief in people and what they are truly capable of. The Coach becomes the person who is always there in your life that believes in you more than you believe in yourself. A Coach is focused on the results of their Clients alone because that is what's most important to them.

For the purpose of what you are here for...this definition is what I am referring to when I use the word Coach and Coaching Relationship. I am a Coach and this is the role that I will play in your life if you decide that you are open to entering into a Coaching Relationship with me.

It is important to note that I use the capital C in both the words Coach and Client with intent and purpose because in my worldview I believe that they are proper nouns because of their inherent sanctity to me in my life.

This means that we will be exploring things much more deeply than you ever have in the past when you've attempted to create Health in your life. You've likely been given instructions before or been told what to do by someone who was attempting to help you and that is not what we will be doing here. Everything that we do with one another in our Coaching Relationship is about You and what will lead to the greatest results that are also 100% sustainable.

Coaching with me isn't about sacrifice. It's about Optimization and Efficiency. You'll find out very quickly that we are consistently looking to remove everything that's not absolutely essential to your success so that what yields your results is as simple and straightforward as possible.
Primary Distinction
Change vs. Transformation

The primary distinction we operate from is the one between Change and Transformation.
The vast majority of coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, health experts, mentors, consultants, coaching programs, coaching systems, masterminds, accountability groups, membership programs and information products are concerned with change.

Change is a very important part of creating a different life. If you are concerned with getting any results that are different than the ones you have right now in any area of your life then you must change in order to accomplish that. To change your results, you must change.

The challenge that arises here is that most people aren't looking for a temporary change in their results. I can't ever recall someone who came to me wanting to lose 20 pounds, double their income, improve their relationship, better their health, create a business that they love, find a career that they enjoy or increase their happiness and fulfillment in life TEMPORARILY.

Unfortunately what most people have experienced is exactly that, only temporary change. They've changed for a period of time and may have even created a result that was better than what they had been creating before only to lose most, if not all, of that improvement once their behavior reverts back to normal.

I don't know for sure about you, but if I were to venture a guess I'd say you probably want more than just a temporary change, right?

Every client that I have ever worked with came to me because they wanted a permanent result. They wanted to achieve something that was lasting that they knew was sustainable for them long after we cease to continue to work with one another.

That permanent, sustainable result that you probably want and are committed to...that's Transformation.

In our Coaching Relationship that is our primary focus. Creating transformation for you in your life to achieve and then keep whatever it is you want most for as long as you choose to.
You May Be Wondering...

"What Exactly Do You Mean When You Say You Guarantee My Results or Guarantee My Success?"
To Put It Quite Simply...

If You Are Invited To Enter Into this Coaching Relationship, Your Results Are GUARANTEED.
You Will Absolutely Create Thriving Health As We Work With One Another.

If You Have Reached The Point Where Creating Health Is Your Priority In Life Then Complete The Application Below and If It's A Fit For Us To Work Together Then Permanent Thriving Health Will Be Yours.

I look forward to connecting with you soon to explore exactly what can and will take place for you inside of our Powerful, Unique and Individual Coaching Relationship.
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